Sunday, June 3, 2012

Heat? What heat??

As I was running in 90 degree temps today for 14 miles, I was thinking about all of the preparation that goes into these runs (at least in the times between doubting my sanity and cursing at street signs - more on that later).  I knew that I had to pre-hydrate yesterday and this morning, so I drank a little more water than I usually would have, and added a little salt to my diet - I am usually not a big fan of salty stuff, but somebody has to lick the rim of the margarita glass, right?

I ended up starting my run this morning about 10:30, when it was already in the high 80's.  I took all the necessary precautions - sunscreen (to avoid making my ridiculous runners tan worse...and, oh yeah - there's that skin cancer thing), white Headsweats hat and white shirt.  Not sure exactly what the temperature difference is in wearing light colored clothes, but they make me feel cooler, so that's what I do.

When getting ready for the run, I drank a bottle of water and took a Vespa.  I filled my handheld with ice water and stuck a Clif gel in the pocket.  I also stashed a bottle of salt tablets and an extra bottle of water on my front porch for when I was done with my first loop of 8 miles.

And, off I went.  I have to admit, the first 8 miles weren't bad.  I like my running route, and even though  I was drenched pretty quickly, there was a light breeze that did a nice job of cooling me off.  I stopped at a house at mile 2 and 5 to top off my water bottle and did half of my Clif gel at mile 4 (I usually wouldn't have done anything this soon, since I had done a Vespa, but I am over-cautious for really hot runs), and the other half at mile 7 or so.  At 8 miles, I made it back to my house.   I refilled my handheld with ice water (see link below), took 2 salt tabs - since I don't use any type of sports drink because they give me heartburn, and are usually way to sweet for my taste,  I get my electrolytes on super sweaty runs from Saltstick Salt Tabs.

"Colder fluids leave the stomach more quickly than warmer ones, allowing faster rehydration. During hot weather, when we tend to lose extra fluids, beverages in this temperature range will have a cooling effect on the body. Drinking cool beverages can help to cool us from the inside."  ....

Click the image for more info on SaltStick.

It wasn't until mile 10 that I really started to notice the heat.  At mile 11 or so, I did another half of a Clif gel (I have learned that taking the entire gel at one time is just too much sugar dumped into my stomach.) It was at mile 12, when I was feeling pretty toasty, when my appreciation for irony was tested by a street sign.  The name of the street is Rue Beau Soleil. If anyone reading this lives in that area and happened to be outside when I was running by, I apologize.  Actually, no I don't.  Calling the street sign that particular name made me laugh.  I will probably have reason to do it again at some date.

I added a couple of walk breaks in towards the end when my heart rate was getting too high for the amount of effort I was putting out.  Once my heart rate would get back to normal, I would start running again, keeping the pace for the last couple of miles at a comfortable level. 

This brought me to 14 miles.  My goal for today was 17, so I did another 3 miles this evening when it cooled off.  I knew that 14 was quite enough for that time of day and temperature.  I could have continued to reach my goal of 17, but I think that would have been a bad decision.  I am doing this to get stronger and challenge myself, not cause permanent damage or have to be hospitalized for being an idiot.  People look at me funny when I am running down the road in 90+ degree heat just the way they do when I am running in the rain, or even better - when it is 40 degrees and raining.  I look at them funny when I hear them say they watch a few hours of TV everyday, so I guess we are even.

Miles run this week: 45

Have a great week, folks! 

 My next post will be about nutrition on the day of an ultramarathon. Or, "One More Reason to Love This Sport!" :)


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