Monday, January 29, 2018

Taper week from the RD's perspective

As race day approaches and many runners are beginning to pack their race supplies, unpack, check that they have everything, then repack them only to repeat the process over the next day, things are also heating up on the planning side.  Our week is spent shopping for aid station supplies, collecting the generators and fuel, charging batteries, stuffing race packets...  Both the runners and the race officials have an endurance event ahead of them, and the finish line is equally as sweet from both sides.  

The volunteers who have taken time off of work to drive hours to spend the weekend out in the cold (and possibly wet) weather are dealing with pre race jitters just as if they were lining up to run the event.  Each of our Red Dirt volunteers is personally invested in aiding the runners in any way possible to ensure their success. You crossing the finish line is confirmation that they did their job.  They helped to keep you moving so you could achieve something amazing, and by doing so, you are paying them back many times over.  

When you go through the aid stations at Red Dirt Ultra this weekend, take a minute to look at the incredible people who are giving up their time and comfort because they love nothing more than to watch you succeed.  No matter how long it takes for you to finish, just finishing is a win in their eyes.

Our sport is special, like the people on both sides of the aid station table.  Remember how lucky you are to be out on a beautiful trail doing what you love this weekend.  See you guys Saturday.

Happy Running!