Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Healing and Figuring Things Out

 So much has happened in the last few months... I went from battling my usual hip issues and getting very frustrated to the point of saying "f this" and deciding to give up running completely.... to being sidelined for the last three weeks with a pinched nerve in my neck and now being antsy to start running again.  The time off has calmed my hip down, still fighting the nerve pain.  

How did the pinched nerve come about?  A deep tissue massage.  Seriously.  I was WAAAAY overdue for a massage - when I am super busy and stressed at work, and I should prioritize self care, I tend to do the opposite and put it on the back burner.  Evidently the muscles between my shoulders, where I carry the weight of the world, were so tight that when they were loosened up, a disc slipped out of place.  

Three weeks later, and I am slowly on the mend. I also think I may be invited to spend the holidays with my chiropractor and his family as I have spent so much time with him lately. 

So, this morning I walked three miles for the first time in weeks (even walking would cause my neck to throb) and I did a light version of my workout, and so far so good. My instincts are to hit it hard with exercise and make it give up.  My instincts on things like this are frequently wrong. 

Badger is definitely out.  Chewing on whether I want to jump back in and try to make it to Long Haul in January (I really want to do that race), but I am, for once, going to err on the side of caution.  Maybe.  Or I will get frustrated and dive in.  

All I know is that all of this is NOT because I am getting older.  At least that is what I keep telling myself. Meanwhile I am trying not to melt into a puddle on the road, and that is just from walking!  

Stay safe in this heat, and remember, hydration is not just during your run!  Hydrate daily to stay on top of your body's needs.  You can acclimate to the heat, you just have to be smart about it.  Louisiana summers are unforgiving to runners.

Hope to see you guys on the road or trail soon! 

Happy Running!