Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Running a marathon in your sleep

The overriding theme in my life lately seems to be fatigue.  I go to bed early, sleep all night, wake up tired, run tired, work tired....you get the point.  I have about another month and a half until my race, but more importantly, I have 4 weeks until I get to taper!!! Woohoo!!  The last two weeks were  successful 40 and 50 milers, and this week will be right about 60 miles  finishing with the Day After the End of the World Marathon in Humble, Texas, this Saturday. I haven't run a marathon in at least 4 years, so this should be interesting.  It is a 4 loop course, which fits me just fine, since most of my ultras are loops.

So, if the world does end on Friday, I get a rest day Saturday.  Well, technically I guess I would get alot of rest days.  Otherwise I will line up with a bunch of other fools with quirky senses of humor, and we will celebrate not being dust.  That is a darn good reason to celebrate in my book.  Of course, I think pretty much everything is a good reason to celebrate.

If I am able to stay awake and alert enough during the marathon, I will attempt to compose a race report next week.  This one should be interesting.  The good thing is, in this particular instance I will not be the craziest person there.  Dustin and Danette Duval (our brother and sister super duo) will be running the End of the World Marathon on Friday AND the Day After the End of the World Marathon on Saturday.  Can you say OUCH??  Added to the mix is Randy Aymond running half marathons on both days (so he is only half crazy), and Dani D'Augereau, Liz Wooster and Laurin Dugas joining me on the second day for the marathon. See how that happens - one person has a goofy idea and instead of everyone shaking their heads and wondering what is wrong with them, we all jump on for at least part of the ride.  Sick friends, folks, that's what I have.

Have a great week!!

Happy Running Y'all!


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