Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Training update and upcoming race

 As much as I hate to put this out into the universe, training is going pretty well right now.  My persnickety piriformis has settled down for now and I am  healthy- ish -  - tempering that a bit, because I am pretty tired right now. Lots going on with work and life, and I am doing my best currently not to let that derail my training.  

It's easy to do - telling yourself, "It has been a shit week and I am exhausted. I am going to fix myself a cup of coffee and chill on the porch. I'll run later." Rarely does that run happen, for me at least.  Lately my work days have been kicking my butt, so I have had to be honest with myself that if I don't knock out my run before the sun rises, it will probably not get done.  The next month or so is going to be a challenge, then I should be able to breathe a bit.  Hopefully. 

But, I am enjoying my runs - especially my "long" runs on the weekend.  Currently that is just a 10 miler, but it feels good!  I am even enjoying being drenched with sweat after the run again, but I like summer running.

Click the pic for more info on Old School.

This Saturday (4/1), I am running a new-to-me race, The Old School 20 miler in Ruston, LA.  It is made up of 2 - 10 mile loops, and is mostly single track.  Just what I need to shut my work brain off for a bit and play in the woods! The beauty of trail running is that you can't afford to be distracted or you will find yourself with a mouth full of dirt.  Sometimes you will find yourself there even if you are paying attention. Keeps things interesting.

I am definitely stronger now than I was for Red Dirt (300+ flights of stairs will do that to you).  More than anything, I am just looking forward to getting out there.  There is something about lining up with friends - the ones you know and the ones you don't yet - to run through the woods.  Road races are fine, but there is just such a  primal feeling about trail races that can't be understood until you've been there.

17 weeks until the Badger 100 and if you want to think long term, 40 weeks until Long Haul 100. I am optimistic about my races this year.  I have total faith in my coach, and I am enjoying the mix of speedwork, strength and endurance.  This type of training is completely new to me - I used to just gradually increase the miles until I either hit 100 mile weeks or came pretty close. Now I understand that unless you are a pro that is unnecessary, but like everything in life, when you know better you do better.

I'll do a race recap after Old School for you guys so you can decide if you should put it on your calendar next year.

AND - I was interviewed on a podcast by two other RD's in Louisiana recently - Mike and Brad.  Check it out if you have time or if you want company on your next run.

Happy Running! 



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