Monday, October 30, 2023

Work / life balance

 Well, it is a waiting game.  My co-worker and I met with the board president for our nonprofit and outlined how we have been feeling - the last two years have been extremely stressful since we have expanded the number of families we are helping (more than doubled), but have stayed with the same small staff.  We did add a part time person in Baton Rouge a few months back who is AMAZING, but her only role is to manage events there. That is a huge help, but we are still left with all of the managerial, fundraising and family services aspects of the organization with just two of us. (We now cover 19 parishes across south Louisiana and help over 400 families annually.)

So we will see.  We made clear that we need support staff if we are going to be able to continue to fulfill our mission.  I know that our board president listened, she has a heart of gold and is tremendously grateful for how hard we work, but in the end, the decision is up to the board on staffing.  If the decision is made not to hire new staff, or not to hire full time, which we desperately need, I will have no choice but to look for another job.  I love where I am, but the last two years of high stress is taking its toll on my health - especially my training, and my ability to compete in the sport I love - ultra running. 

I need to find a work / life balance that I have not had in a few years now with this job, and if it can't be found here, I will have to look elsewhere.  Either way, 2024 will look drastically different than the last 2 - 3 years has.  I am hopeful, but I am resigned to do what is right for me for a change.  That is the biggest struggle with working for a nonprofit when you believe in its mission.  It is hard to create boundaries, and easy to neglect your own life for the "greater good". 

Fingers crossed.  BUT - I am so excited to have Cowboy 200 to look forward to.  I am enjoying training and trying to figure out the right kind of strength training to prepare me for the event.  I mean, I have a weighted running vest on its way, lol.  Never would have believed it :-).  

In the next week or so, I will share a post summing up my training so far, and what the next phase of training in the New Year will look like.

Happy Running! 


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