Sunday, July 8, 2012

10 The Hard Way

Randy showing how not-hilly this section of the trail is.
Since everyone who ran the trails with us this morning has already been introduced to the
first 5 miles or so of the trail in the counter-clockwise ("easy") direction on the trail, 
we decided a change of scenery might be in order.  We headed in the clockwise direction 
on the trail today and everyone got in between 8 - 10 miles
of hill work.  

Thanks to Jace for showing us just how easy it should be.
Jace at the  5 mile bridge.  
Jace runs cross country for Kaplan High School, where 
he is a junior. It has been awesome getting to know him.
  He is one  tough dude!

Taylor, Ryan, Sandi, Jace
On the left is Taylor.  He is in 9th grade at Kaplan High School.
Taylor has joined us twice at Chicot, and 
is a great trail runner.  We are so lucky to share the trails with these guys!!

Once again, Emma had the best quote, but this time it was before we 
even reached the trail.  We stopped at a truck stop for ice, and as she pulled alongside
us in the parking lot, she yelled, "Are we being chased?"
I guess we were a little anxious to hit the trails.

Today's spider catcher was Jessica Amy.  Thanks for clearing the way for us, Jess.
This is just one of the reasons that I am glad you are faster than me :).
The "Most Likely to Find a Tick" award goes to Shane Breaux who is evidently 
catnip to the little blood suckers.

And what a treat as we came off of the trail to run into a bunch of my cycling buddies.  They were riding on the roads within the park (little traffic, smooth roads, rolling hills). After lots of sweaty hugs, 
they went on their way, and we headed down to the showers to rinse off before our 
boudin and beverages on the way home.  Gotta refuel, folks. :)

Here are some other pix from the day.  Since some did 14 miles, some did 10, and some did 8, 
we ended up breaking up into groups. I didn't get to take pix of everybody, but I did get some cool trail shots.

Another not hilly section.

Trails were clear.  Looks like the guys had been
out recently clearing fallen trees.
Yay for our State Parks!!  Something
Louisiana definitely gets right!!
It's out there waiting for you, folks.  This is the best of Louisiana for many reasons.
This trail offers the most beautiful views that you will never see from your couch, 
the people who come out to the trails are the kindest, toughest, funniest 
people you will ever meet, 
and it is one hell of a full body workout.  

I'll keep you posted on the next run!

Happy Running!

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  1. That second trail photo where the trail goes flat for a little over a quarter mile was gorgeous!