Thursday, July 12, 2012

This is why I love ultras.  Check out the website info for my race in two weeks.

Big Butts
Clinton, MS
Saturday, Jul 28, 2012
100 Kilometers, 50 Kilometers

Big Butts - July 28, 2012
Registration closes
Mon, Jul 16 @ 11:59PM

Additional Info

Tech shirt to all, commemorative mug to all finishers, special finishers hoodie to all 100k finishers, post race food, 2 aid stops with ice, water, gatorade endurance, gel, and other ultra goodies, 6 mile loop with one out-and back at the end to make metric mileage, well marked with signs at all turns, plenty of room to set up your own "aid".

14 hour time limit.

Both races start at 8am.

Course is flat and fast, but it will be hot!

The winner of the 50k last year ran it in about 4:30. There were no 100k finishers.

If you sign up for the 50k, and decide while u are running that you want to do the 100k, feel free, but you will not be eligible for the $$$, overall prizes, or finishers award in the 100k race, and you will not have a 50k if you don't make it to the 100k, you will have a DNF.

If you sign up for the 100k and decide to drop out at 50k, you will have a 50k time, but will not be eligible for the overall prizes...however, if you take any steps past a 50k and do not finish the 100k, you will have a DNF.

Basically, sign up for the race you plan on finishing, and you will have no problems, except for the bugs, snakes, ticks, heat, etc. 

This makes me laugh.  I love races where everyone recognizes the stupidity of the endeavor long before reaching the starting line.

Happy Running!

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