Thursday, July 26, 2012

Packing for Big Butts

Getting things together to hit the road for Clinton, Mississippi tomorrow.  Since this race is 31 miles, it takes a good amount of forethought, similar to packing for a marathon.  The only difference here is the temperature, and the extra considerations that brings.  The latest forecast from Weather Underground for race day is:

1 AM4 AM7 AM10 AM1 PM4 PM7 PM10 PM
Temperature / Dew Point (°F):
81 / 73
75 / 73
75 / 73
79 / 75
91 / 73
95 / 72
93 / 72
82 / 72
Humidity (%):

I am hoping for rain.  Luckily, I have the best possible crew meeting me there - Eric and Christina Gravish
I mean really - what more could you ask for?? :)

Also, meeting me there will be Lane and Erica Gremillion from Pineville.  Lane and I ran our first 100 miler at the same time, although he was waaaay ahead of me. Erica is a top notch crew chief and cheerleader.  It is always great to have her at races!

Notice the painted buckle - that means he finished his 100 miles in one day. 
I need one of those.

So, what do you pack for a warm-ish 50k trail race?? Here's a sampling:

2 handheld water bottles
-Salt Tabs
-Sport Shield (anti-friction)
-Blister Shield (for inside socks)
-watch (cheap Timex to track nutrition)
-Trail Shoes (2 pairs - if one gets soaked with sweat or mud, can switch shoes and socks)
-Running Capris
-2 kinds of run shorts (never know what mood I will be in on race morning.  Although, I will probably go with the tried and true 2XU Capris.  If it ain't broke...)
-2 of my favorite run shirts - so I can change half way through if the mood strikes.  It might be nice to be dry for a brief moment.
-run hat
-bandannas - to put ice in and wrap around neck for when the temp gets really ridiculous
-flip flops for after race to try to appease my pissed off feet
-bug spray (trail race, remember)
-iPod (don't always use these, even for longer races, but if things go south, it will be a nice distraction)
-chair (to sit in to change socks and shoes if necessary)
-cooler for start finish area - since this is a loop course, I will get back to it every 6 miles or so.
In cooler:  SmartWater and Ensure - one Ensure for before the race, and a few for after and the ride home.  
-In race med bag - Immodium, Pepto, Aspirin, Ibuprofen - because you just never know what might happen :)
-Towel and wash cloth for the quick bath from the park bathroom sink before the trip home.  No showers available, so the windows may have to be cracked a bit for the ride.

Thankfully, with this being one of the shorter races that I do, and being that I will be staying in a town with access to stores, I don't have to employ all of my OCD'ness.  When it comes time for my longer races, or those that I will be tent camping for, the list will be much more organized and detailed.  But for this one, if I forget something I can buy another one.  The only must haves are my race gear, and that is always the first thing to get packed in the truck.

And that is about it, except for the normal amenities you would bring on any trip. I will try to post pictures before of the packet pickup, and the race briefing the morning of, but if I can't I will do a blog post with the race report - the good, the bad and the ugly - as soon as I feel like it. Can't wait for this one.  It has the potential to be a spectacular torture fest.  Woohoo!!  :)

Thanks to everyone for their support!!  

Happy Running!

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