Sunday, July 15, 2012

Two weeks until the Big Butts 50k :)

Before I recap my training week, here are some pix from Saturdays group run at Chicot!

This was my first loop of the season, and I was a little concerned about how my legs would hold up to 20+ miles of trails, but I was pleasantly surprised!  I looped with Christina and Liz, and we all ran strong the entire way!  Best of all - ZERO soreness today!  WooHoo!!! I LOVE trail running!

Crazy running 20 miles over tough trails for fun girls!
Me, Christina Gravish and Liz Wooster

Shane Breaux and Pat Hardy
It was Pat's first time on the trails.
I think the early start concerned him more than the
whole "running through the woods" thing.
Great job, Pat!!
Christina and Liz on top of the levee - about 8 miles in.
Check out the water lillies behind them - the flowers were
Two peasant girls on a little run.
The bandannas are to keep the spiders out of our hair.  
At the 19 mile marker.
Those you share suffering with will always hold
a special place in your heart.

It was a great day at Chicot as usual!  It was very humid, but not unbearably hot.  The deer flies were out in abundance to help us stay motivated.  We also saw a bunny, and two snakes - Liz and I hurdled one of those before we realized what was happening.  Sometimes ignorance is bliss.  No wild hogs or deer this time around, although we did run through a couple of spots where we smelled a strong, musky odor, so we knew something big had been there not too long before.  We are going to say that was a deer. :)

Best quote of the day was by Christina after climbing a particularly tough hill, "Man, I'm breathing like a pervert on the telephone."   The Most Likely to Find a Tick award goes to Liz this time.  But it was only one, and she just picked it off of her leg.  Don't freak out, people.  Not sure if we will be heading out there again next weekend.  I will keep you posted.


This turned out to be a great training week.  Considering I came off of two weeks of hardly anything, to a 24 mile week, then 41 this past week with no issues, and feeling very strong, I say all systems are a "go" for the 50k.  Normally, last week and next week would be taper time, but since my schedule got a little out of whack, I had to make some adjustments.

For instance, here is what my schedule for last week should have looked like: (keeping in mind I try not to ever run two days in a row unless I have to)

M - 12; Tu - rest; W - 20; Th - rest; F - 12; Sa - rest; Sun - 20  for about 64 miles. I say about because my distances are approximate.  I don't normally wear a GPS, I mainly go by how long I think it should take, and I have an idea of the distance of my routes. Usually, I am a little over in the distances - my 12 might actually be 12.4, etc.  Also, there is some debate over the actual distance of the Chicot loop - GPS's say 19.something - but they lose distance when they drop the signal, or when there are lots of quick S-turns, and steep up and downs; the park ranger says it is closer to 22 miles because that is what the odometer on their 4 wheeler reads when they do the whole loop.  We'll go with 20, and the rest can be lagniappe.  Here's what my schedule actually looked like:

M - rest; Tu - 12; W - rest; Th - 9; Fri - rest; Sa - 20 (Chicot); Sun - rest  for about 41 miles.  Since I had run the previous Sunday at Chicot, I had to adjust my schedule to have Monday off, so I just ended up having three runs this week, but they were good, strong runs.  I definitely have my legs under me, and I am feeling strong for my race.

If I was tapering like I should be, had my schedule not gotten screwed up, this is what next week should look like:  
M - 6; Tu - rest; W - 9; Th - rest; F - 6; Sat - 12; Sun - rest

But, with my adjusted schedule, here is what is on the books for next week:
M - 12; Tu - rest; W - 15; Th - rest; F - 12; Sat - 18 - 20 for a total of 57 - 59 miles.  Then I will slow down the week of the race with just a couple of 6 milers, or so.

The point of this is to show you that life can sometimes get in the way, and it doesn't have to derail your plans completely.  You may have to adjust your goals a bit, and be realistic with your expectations, but you don't have to throw in the towel.  I have alot going on in my life, even without the added stupidness that I am dealing with.  Rarely is there a time when I have NOTHING to do.  Like with everything else in life, if there is something you want to accomplish, you find a way to make it happen.

I am really looking forward to this race in a strange way.  I reserved a hotel for the night before, and plan on driving home after the race.  Hopefully the park has showers I can use when I am done, or I may be riding home with the windows down. I am looking forward to seeing the trails in Clinton, Mississippi.  Who knows?  Maybe I will decide to do the 100k there next year.  Or maybe not.

Have a great week, and Happy Running1


Next post will be about the role of pacers during an ultra marathon.....or more to the point - what you would be willing to do for a stick of gum?

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