Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dr. Tim Noakes on Overhydration Among Athletes

Tim Noakes is THE MAN when it comes to all things running.  He has done extensive research, and debunks many different myths that have long been accepted as Gospel truth among runners.

So what hydration advice would you give to people running their first recreational marathon?
"That’s a great question, because it wouldn’t be any different from the advice that I’d give to anyone else. It’s listen to your body, and your body will tell you. It’s very important to make this point. There’s now evidence to suggest that if you drink ahead of thirst, that if you drink ahead of the signs, your performance will be impaired, just as it will be impaired if you drink less than you should at thirst. Thirst is your body trying to tell you, Listen, I need fluid. If you don’t replace that fluid, I’m going to slow you down until you drink. Only when you drink am I going to allow you to perform optimally again. The brain, unfortunately, can’t tell you that when you overdrink, you’re going to go slower. So you don’t pick up the messaging. You just go slower without realizing it. It’s very important."
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